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Quality of Life

Quality of LifeAssessing health-related quality of life in early OA: Development and application of a web-based computerized adaptive measurement system

Tooling up for early osteoarthritis:  Measuring what matters – participation

Grouping Patients with Mild to Severe OA for Research Studies based on Physical Function

Early Osteoarthritis (OA) and its impact on quality of life

Tooling Up for Early Osteoarthritis: evaluating pain and OA management strategies (POAMS)

Assessment of Quality of Life in Osteoarthritis: A New Questionnaire Takes into Account Patients' Values and Preferences

Using computerized systems to evaluate the impact of joint problems on quality of life

Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis

hip and knee osteoarthritis

Evaluation and standardization of the hip examination in osteoarthritis

Early hip OA MRI pilot study

Special Cartilage MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) Sub-study for Soccer Youth with Knee Injuries

Knee pain location and findings on x-ray and MRI in knee osteoarthritis: is there a connection?

Pharmacy Cohorts

Pharmacy Cohorts

Pharmacist identification of new, diagnostically-confirmed, osteoarthritis (PHIND-OA)

Identifying Early Osteoarthritis: The role of pharmacists in identifying and managing OA knee pain (PhIT-OA)

Biomechanical Studies

biomechanical studies

Understanding the Nervous System Will Shed Light on Osteoarthritis in the Knee Joint

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" - Even When it Comes to Arthritis

Consumer-led Research and Knowledge Translation

Consumer-led ResearchOsteoarthritis and You:  “Your Link to Osteoarthritis Research in Canada”

Arthritis Research Glossary

Roundtable On Arthritis Research (ROAR): Getting research results to consumers and their families

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